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Stream of

August 31, 2015

An illustration exercise, maybe not all that good. It was random stuff i drew in my sketchbook, then re-drawn in Illustrator and color / texture added in Photoshop. Most all the painting texturing was done on the Surface Pro I have. It still felt lacking, so I added the words on top, these were leftover letters from other LetterMpress projects.

Friday Pointy

August 15, 2015

I’ve always wanted to do the Illustration Friday thing, but never have either started one, or if I did, I dallied around and didn’t get far. I finished one, but two days late. As in most things in life, late gets no credit, but I wanted to do it for practice. I started with a quick sketch, scanned it, worked it in Illustrator, then imported into Photoshop where I added textures from a great brush set. That didn’t look so good, so I laid in some found photo textures. Happiness achieved.

Textures in illustrations

December 23, 2014
Donna the Buffalo cover art

A while back, I took a skillshare class on using textures for CD covers. It was taught by a guy from Australia, he was quite good, some of his techniques were new to me, and I loved his style. The band I picked was Donna the Buffalo, and I picked their last album to re-create. I didn’t really dig what was done for them before. This cover uses some of their graphic looks, but with my spin on it.

Street art

August 21, 2013

While on my bicycle, I’ve seen areas of the road with what looks like tar brushed or drizzled onto cracks in the road. Some of these tarred areas look like foreign calligraphy. bl_st_9302They can be beautiful while I’m in motion on the bike, and in still images too. I’ve started playing with photos, just seeing where it leads.