anthology of work
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01 Gig Posters

January 20, 2019
gig poster designs

I’m lucky to have talented friends who play kick-ass music. Sometimes, they need a quick turn-around poster for a show. These are a blast to do, with unlimited freedom and not much time. Top and center were alternate versions, using some found images and my type design. Top right was inspired by two Neil Young album covers, and my type design. All these are using Knockout font, which I’m obsessed with for the time being.

The middle three were for a CD release party, and use some antique art or photo (the left and right ones) or my robot illustration. I had fun with that big blocky sans serif wood type.

The bottom posters (left and center) were my illustrations, and altered for a spring and fall use, and the right one used some stock illustration.

Easter Cat graphics

September 15, 2017

A follow up to the Ally Cat graphics I did a while back, this was for an Easter  race. Fun to work on projects like this when there are no rules.

06 Coast Guard Illustration

November 14, 2016
illustration for the SC Bar, for an article about housing market.

Yet another illustration for the SC Bar magazine, this one was along side an article about a federal program for people having mortgage problems. The concept was all them and I had much fun researching this and playing with the textures and underwater shadows.

05 Divide the Land

November 8, 2016

A editorial illustration for the SC Bar, this was about dividing co-owned land when some one dies: not so fun. They had the concept and I went with it. They wanted a patchwork type thing, like a blanket of sewn together patches. This used a lot of found textures and some plain old illustration.

04 Long Arm of the Law

November 8, 2016

Another SC Bar illustration, this one about the Long Arm Statute, kind of boring subject. They had a concept of a Stretch Armstrong character, but I could not pull it off as I wanted. I came up with this and we both thought it rocked.

03 Lucky Charms

November 8, 2016
SC Bar illustration, called Lucky Charms.

Created for the SC Bar, this article was about controversial things facing the state of SC as well as the nation. Originally they wanted a full on Lucky Charms box, but we backed away from that after a while, thinking it needed to me more serious.

01 Surf’s Up!

November 8, 2016
illustration for the SC Bar association magazine.

Illustration for the SC Bar magazine, this article is about the vast number of foreign businesses located in the crazy state of South Carolina. They had an idea for the concept and I went with it, and had much fun making this. I used both found textures and my own digital painting in this.


Another illustration for the SC Bar magazine, this article was about companies being requested to serve up witnesses who can best offer testimony. Illustrating people is always tough, and I feel I muddle though these always. This time, I used scanned textures from an old Life magazine to create my colors and textures.


My most recent illustration: this was about haw a few laws can result in a mountain of regulations. This is my best one created for them, I’d say. The texture, old map, lighting and shadows are all very pleasing.


Created for the SC Bar magazine, the direction was they wanted columns and crumbling base. I localized it to Columbia, SC with the skyline, and textures that come from out state house.