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01 Gig Posters

January 20, 2019
gig poster designs

I’m lucky to have talented friends who play kick-ass music. Sometimes, they need a quick turn-around poster for a show. These are a blast to do, with unlimited freedom and not much time. Top and center were alternate versions, using some found images and my type design. Top right was inspired by two Neil Young album covers, and my type design. All these are using Knockout font, which I’m obsessed with for the time being.

The middle three were for a CD release party, and use some antique art or photo (the left and right ones) or my robot illustration. I had fun with that big blocky sans serif wood type.

The bottom posters (left and center) were my illustrations, and altered for a spring and fall use, and the right one used some stock illustration.

Easter Cat graphics

September 15, 2017

A follow up to the Ally Cat graphics I did a while back, this was for an Easter  race. Fun to work on projects like this when there are no rules.

Alley Cat Race, Hot

November 9, 2015

A friend of mine is an avid cyclist, he rides as well as promotes safe/fun cycling. He asked me to create some spoke cards for the racers, and let me do whatever I wanted. I had a blast.

Earth day graphic design

June 15, 2015

My employer sponsors an earth day recycling deal where we accept all types of goods. We promote it through tabloid sized posters, yard signs and Facebook graphics.

SC Rivers logo design

June 15, 2015

A pro bono job for a local environmental group, I had a week or so to do this. I kayak some myself and was glad to help protect our wonderful rivers in this state. The ones on the left were first round designs and the design on the right were selected. I made some more simple versions to be used on Facebook or in small spaces.

Othello poster

May 31, 2014

This was created several years ago for a pro-bono client at the agency where I used to work. It was for a Shakespeare theater group in Columbia, SC.  No budget for art or printing, of course. All the art was public domain, or I scanned it in. The art was adapted for a tee-shirt and they both turned out nicely.

I give logo

January 5, 2014

My employer has an annual service day, the company shuts down for a day and all 200+ of us go out and volunteer. It’s pretty cool and a lot of fun. For two years, I’ve designed the materials for the event. The chosen deign is on the shirt, and some alternates are shown below.

DC drive-in

January 1, 2014

These logos were created for my current employer, for a series of outdoor films being shown at Union Market, in D.C. The designs had references to old drive-ins, the building itself, D.C. and movies in general. The one at top right was picked as the winner. Sadly, it was alter discovered some one else was using this name, so the logo became not cool.

IT-ology logos

December 28, 2013

This was a fun project: naming and designing a logo for a consortium of technology companies. The purpose of the group was to inspire younger people to pursue careers in IT, with an emphasis on insurance-related IT. We went through many names, many logo looks. The logo sits atop one of the highest buildings in Columbia, SC. It won some awards, I’m a proud dad.

Various logos

December 28, 2013

All of these are real logos for real companies or organizations: 1. the Municipal Association of SC; 2. ETV network; 3. a line of home & garden furnishings; 4. a small family-run farm; 5. a handmade pillowcase company; 6. a real estate development; 7. a gardener; 8. a bio-fuel company; 9. a volunteer organization; 10. a homeless shelter; 11. a line of chopped veggies; 12. a program for an airport; 13. USC alumni association; 14. a farmers market; 15. an organic farm.

3, 6, 14 and 15 were contenders for final but didn’t get picked.