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This is meant to be a template to showcase any retailer at this shopping center, I used text animation properties and lots of pre-comps. I learned a lot on this project. Music is some Django inspired tune found on

Motion Graphics: bounce

September 20, 2018

I have had a long-standing interest in After Effects, well over 10 years, and only used it a few times. This project was created to pair up with some previously designed backlit ad cabinets. It was displayed on a huge TV screen in a shopping center in DC. The bounce part was done with expressions, it took a while to find the right look.

Mr. Fuchs

September 14, 2017
mr. fuchs

I love mugshots and ID shots, somewhere I found a collection of ID shots of people who worked on the atomic bomb project in New Mexico in the 40s. This guy’s pic interested me, some research showed that he was German, emigrated to the US to work on the project. Later, he gave secrets to the Russians and spent some time in prison. The pic was hand colored, and composited with an old scan from a Life Magazine ad.


Another creative project from The Jealous Curator. The project was to document, in any way you want, the contents of your medicine cabinet. I started to draw the items, hated that. Photographed them in horrible light, I was going to trace them in either Illustrator or ArtRage, but lost interest in that too. Finally, I mucked around w/ them in Pshop, layered them and added color and type. There are three 11×17 designs, all crammed here. The lower part shows some more detail. I have a moderate amount of happiness with these designs. There was some desperation and some happy accidents, and that’s where the magic happens.

Stream of

August 31, 2015

An illustration exercise, maybe not all that good. It was random stuff i drew in my sketchbook, then re-drawn in Illustrator and color / texture added in Photoshop. Most all the painting texturing was done on the Surface Pro I have. It still felt lacking, so I added the words on top, these were leftover letters from other LetterMpress projects.

Friday Pointy

August 15, 2015

I’ve always wanted to do the Illustration Friday thing, but never have either started one, or if I did, I dallied around and didn’t get far. I finished one, but two days late. As in most things in life, late gets no credit, but I wanted to do it for practice. I started with a quick sketch, scanned it, worked it in Illustrator, then imported into Photoshop where I added textures from a great brush set. That didn’t look so good, so I laid in some found photo textures. Happiness achieved.