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A dwelling by in the sea

December 18, 2016
homes in the sea

This is an often seen idea: stacked dwellings in a pile of some sort. I’ve wanted to make my own version for a while, and have several versions of this. It started drawn on paper, scanned and traced in Illustrator, then I added textures in Pshop. I’m mostly pleased, and may animate this some way.


Another creative project from The Jealous Curator. The project was to document, in any way you want, the contents of your medicine cabinet. I started to draw the items, hated that. Photographed them in horrible light, I was going to trace them in either Illustrator or ArtRage, but lost interest in that too. Finally, I mucked around w/ them in Pshop, layered them and added color and type. There are three 11×17 designs, all crammed here. The lower part shows some more detail. I have a moderate amount of happiness with these designs. There was some desperation and some happy accidents, and that’s where the magic happens.

Creative Unblock 1

January 25, 2016

There’s this awesome podcast at The Jealous Curator, I listen to the artist interviews as soon as they download to my phone. The site owner wrote a book about creative blocks and how to get un-stuck, and her site spotlights 12 of them. I finally did one (the first one), a year later. My take was to draw some leaves, color them, photograph them and do some compositing in pshop. I’m pleased. I colored and scribbled and cut out and had fun. I did three more after this.

Stream of 2

September 13, 2015

I loved the type accident from my previous exercise, and wanted to stay with it. This was partially inspired by a podcast interview I heard of a very talented collage artist. This illustration uses ArtRage for the painting and layering, then Photoshop for some additional work. I’m digging this.